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At Accountable Africa we seek to achieve an alignment of community and investor interests in all our activities. We specialize in conducting due diligence and investment advisory reports for institutional investors and governments.

Our firm works with institutional gold buyers and central banks who recognize the importance of efficient supply chain management and compliance with responsible sourcing standards. Accountable Africa regularly in assists central banks with audits and streamlining their supply chains and effectively managing compliance concerns.

Thierry  Dongala

Managing Director

Mr. Thierry Dongala founded and tailored Accountable Africa to address global concerns around on the provenance of artisanal gold. Specialized in conducting due diligence and anti-money laundering compliance for institutional investors and central banks in Africa, Accountable Africa regularly conducts investigations of gold  supply chains for global regulators and mining sector participants. Mr. Dongala’s advisory work serves governments and central banks involved in the gold trade all over Africa.


Mr. Dongala is a former Senior Advisor for Africa at the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.  During his tenure in the U.S. Congress, he led Congressional investigative teams on U.S. sanctions compliance and anti-circumvention efforts.


Prior to founding Accountable Africa and working in U.S. Congress,  Mr. Dongala Co-Chaired forums on accountability with The Honorable David M. Walker, former U.S Comptroller General and former CEO of the U.S Government Accountability Office. Mr. Dongala is a former organizer of institutional investor conferences for Euromoney Institutional Investor. Prior to Euromoney, Mr. Dongala worked in the United States Senate for U.S Senator Bob Casey.  

Mr. Dongala brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, and possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and best practices associated with these areas. His expertise is  invaluable in identifying opportunities for optimization, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring international regulatory compliance within central bank gold supply chains.  In his role, Mr. Dongala works closely with the relevant teams at central banks to analyze existing processes and identify areas of improvement. By leveraging institutional buyers technological capabilities and industry insights, he  provides tailored recommendations and actionable strategies to enhance the efficiency of central bank gold supply chain operations. This may include optimizing inventory management, improving logistics, implementing advanced tracking systems, and streamlining supplier relationships.

Accountable Africa has done work in Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and Peru.

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